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Dempsey and Company 

"Closing the Doors and Turning off the Lights"

!!!!!!!!! Owner Retiring !!!!!!!!!


Very Important Note:

There are TWO (2) Sales and TWO(2) Dates and TWO(2) Locations!

Sale 1

_On site Blacksmith (estate) Sale in Onemo, VA

Sale 2

Total Liquidation of Dempsey and Company in Richmond, VA



Blacksmith (estate)  Sale

 Total Liquidation of Blacksmith (estate) Sale Location:

1971 Bethel Beach Road, Onemo, VA 23130

Sale Date: March 17th.,18th., & 19th. 10 AM Each Day



Liquidation Sale

 Dempsey and Company Liquidation Sale Location:

3121W. Leigh Street, Richmond,VA 23230

Sale Date: March 24th.,25th., & 26th. 10 AM Each Day


Contact Us:

 Phone: 804.355.1619 






     Updated: February 23rd. 2017