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Liquidation Sale

Date changed to:
Starting Friday Nov 3rd, 4th &5th
 300 Church St, Blackstone, VA

































  • Multiple Emergency Eyewash Station and Showers
  • Multiple Metal Cabinets with Doors
  • Dozens of metal and wood shelving
  • Dozens of tables and workbenches
  • Raw Materials, I-Beams, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal, Round Stock, Bar Stock and plenty of small cut off ends
  • Hundreds of Electrical and Plumbing Items
  • THOUSANDS of Bearings hanger bearings, sealed bearings of nearly all common sizes
  • Gear Cutting Machine with lots of tooling
  • Broaching Set
  • Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Washers nearly 600 lots of all sizes
  • Osha Shop Information Signs
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Electric Starter Heaters
  • Conveyor rollers
  • Three phase Breakers nearly 200 lots of of various sizes
  • Conduit connectors nearly 500 lots of various sizes
  • Fuses: over 3000 fuses multiple types of all sizes
  • 24 volt Charger (Forklift/Pallet-jack)
  • "New In Box" 20 hp. Marathon Electric Series E
  • 10 overhead hoists from 1/4ton up to 3ton
  • Cardboard Baler
  • Stitching Machines
  • Taps & Dies
  • Barrel Carts
  • Spools of Steel Cable 1/4" & 3/8"
  • Conveyor Chains and Links
  • Mill Vises
  • Foot Pedal control Wrapping machine
  • Electric Motor Brushes
  • 28 3hp 3Phase Motors
  • Very Large Dust Collection System
  • Stainless Steel Drum 12' diameter by 8' tall
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • And much more!

    Business closed to public, under new management

    Whole shop being liquidated

    Appox. 200,000 sq ft building with

    Thousands of small tooling, large machines

    and everything in between.

    Everything must go!!

    Doors open 10am Friday November 3rd

    First come, First serve

    No Holds and No Onsite Previews

    10% buyers premium

    3% surcharge for credit/debit purchase



    November 3rd, 4th & 5th

    Call Jonathan @ 434-294-3942 for inquiries

     Everything Must Go!


    Lot # Photo Description Make Desktop Users call 434-294-3942
    Lot 01

    Bridgeport Milling Machine


    9" x 42" table with power feed


    Buy It Now

    Lot 02

    Victoria Horizontal Milling Machine

    11" x 45" table with universal table and power feed in all directions


    Buy It Now

    Lot 03

    Carroll & Jamieson 18" x 32" Geared Head Engine Lathe

    Model GH

    Serial 5788M

    Carroll & Jamieson

    Buy It Now
    Lot 04

    Prentice Brothers 14" x 36" Geared Head Engine Lathe

    Prentice Brothers

    Buy It Now
    Lot 05

    Stockbridge Metal Shaper

    13" Stroke


    Buy It Now
    Lot 06

    American Pacemaker 16" x 78" Engine Lathe American Pacemaker Buy It Now
    Lot 07 Perkins Power (Punch) Press

    Serial# 17076

    Model# 450

    Perkins Power Buy It Now
    Lot 08 50 Ton H Frame Press with pressure gauge

    Enerpac Power Supply

    Enerpac Buy It Now
    Lot 09 Greenard Arbor Press No 3 1/2

    Ratchet Type 16" Stroke

    Greenard Buy It Now
    Lot 10 Greenard Arbor Press No 3 Greenard Buy It Now
    Lot 11 Pratt & Whitney 16" x 60" Lathe Pratt & Whitney Buy It Now
    Lot 12 American Tool Works 20" x 96" Lathe American Tool Works Buy It Now
    Lot 13 14" Drill Press   Buy It Now
    Lot 14 Fairbanks 20" Drill Press Fairbanks Buy It Now
    Lot 15 Mechanic Machine Company 20" Drill Press Mechanic Machine Company Buy It Now
    Lot 16

    Arrow Air Dryer

    CSFM 115

    Arrow Buy It Now
    Lot 17

    Gardner-Denver 30HP Rotary Screw Compressor Gardner- Denver Buy It Now
    Lot 18

    Welding Table 5' x 23'   Buy It Now
    Lot 19

    Multiple 6" Bench Vices   Buy It Now
    Lot 20 Canedy Otto 1/2HP Bench Top Drill Press Canedy Otto Buy It Now
    Lot 21 R8 Enco Boring and Facing Head   Buy It Now
    Lot 22

    Image Coming Soon

    6" Dividing Head with Tail Stock and Indexing Plates   Buy It Now
    Lot 23

    Peck & Stow 24" Metal Bar Folder Peck & Stow Buy It Now
    Lot 24

    Image Coming Soon

    Angle Plate 9" x 12"   Buy It Now
    Lot 25

    Image Coming Soon

    Multiple Johnson Bars   Buy It Now
    Lot 26 40" Pipe Wrench   Buy It Now
    Lot 27 Multiple Horizontal Cutters   Buy It Now
    Lot 28

    Image Coming Soon

    Lots of #1, #2, #3 & #4 Taper Bits and Reamers   Buy It Now
    Lot 29

    Image Coming Soon

    4 #2 Taper Tapping Heads   Buy It Now
    Lot 30

    Image Coming Soon

    5 #2 and #3 Taper Jacobs Chucks   Buy It Now
    Lot 31 1 Ton Electric Hoist with Trolley Rollers   Buy It Now
    Lot 32 8" Casters, 2 Swivel and 10 Fixed   Buy It Now
    Lot 33 1/4" Wire Spool   Buy It Now
    Lot 34 Heavy Duty Work Bench with Vise and 4" Manual Punch Press   Buy It Now
    Lot 35 Steel Shelf 24" x 90" with 4 Shelves   Buy It Now
    Lot 36 Steel Shelf 18" x 60" with 4 Shelves   Buy It Now
    Lot 37 Wood Work Bench 12' x 34"   Buy It Now
    Lot 38 Bolt Bin 3' x 6' x 1' with 144 Bins   Buy It Now
    Lot 39 Steel Shelving 9 sections, multiple dimensions   Buy It Now
    Lot 40 Small Welding Table 30" x 36"   Buy It Now
    Lot 41

    Emergency Eyewash Station   Buy It Now
    Lot 42 2 Metal Cabinets with Doors   Buy It Now
    Lot 43

    Welding Rod Cabinet   Buy It Now
    Lot 44 Thompson Rivet Machine Single Phase Thompson Buy It Now
    Lot 45 30" Vertical Band-Saw   Buy It Now












































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